The logical operation exclusive disjunction, also called exclusive or (symbolized by the prefix operator J, or by the infix operators XOR, EOR, EXOR, or , play /ˌɛks ˈɔr/ or /ˈzɔr/), is a type of logical disjunction on two operands that results in a value of true if exactly one of the operands has a value of true.[1] A simple way to state this is "one or the other but not both."

Put differently, exclusive disjunction is a logical operation on two logical values, typically the values of two propositions, that produces a value of true only in cases where the truth value of the operands differ.

The opposite of XOR is logical biconditional, where the output of two compared values is true only if both A and B are the same.

Exclusive disjunction essentially means 'either one, but not both'. In other words, if and only if one is true, the other cannot be true. For example, one of the two horses will win the race, but not both of them. The exclusive disjunction :p oplus q, or Jpq, can be expressed in terms of the logical conjunction (wedge), the disjunction (lor), and the negation (lnot) as follows:

p oplus q & = & (p land lnot q) lor (lnot p land q)

The exclusive disjunction p oplus q can also be expressed in the following way:

p oplus q & = & lnot (p land q) land (p lor q)

This representation of XOR may be found useful when constructing a circuit or network, because it has only one lnot operation and small number of wedge and lor operations. The proof of this identity is given below:

p oplus q & = & (p land lnot q) & lor & (lnot p land q) \
& = & ((p land lnot q) lor lnot p) & and & ((p land lnot q) lor q) \
& = & ((p lor lnot p) land (lnot q lor lnot p)) & land & ((p lor q) land (lnot q lor q)) \
& = & (lnot p lor lnot q) & land & (p lor q) \
& = & lnot (p land q) & land & (p lor q)

It is sometimes useful to write p oplus q in the following way:

p oplus q & = & lnot ((p land q) lor (lnot p land lnot q))

This equivalence can be established by applying De Morgan's laws twice to the fourth line of the above proof.

The exclusive or is also equivalent to the negation of a logical biconditional, by the rules of material implication (a material conditional is equivalent to the disjunction of the negation of its antecedent and its consequence) and material equivalence.

In summary, we have, in mathematical and in engineering notation:

p oplus q & = & (p land lnot q) & lor & (lnot p land q) & = & poverline{q} + overline{p}q \
      & = & (p lor q) & land & (lnot p lor lnot q) & = & (p+q)(overline{p}+overline{q}) \
      & = & (p lor q) & land & lnot (p land q) & = & (p+q)(overline{pq})

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Arizona, however, dropped its ninth in a row, 58 0 at Seattle. Newton piled up a career high 116 yards on the ground against the NFC South champions. Carolina gained a measure of revenge on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who they felt disrespected them after Atlanta 30 28, come from behind win earlier this season at the Georgia Dome.
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our bill had issues when we were checking out, we'd been charged for several bottles of water that should have been complimentary. When we checked out downstairs, they said they took it off and gave us a receipt with the bottles of water removed. Of course, when we get home, the charges are back on.

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This is just a brief explanation of the problems diagnosing gifted children with the various disorders that are so well known today. One of the additional problems, which is a problem in diagnosing anyone with a disorder is that disorders are not diseases. There is no test, no x ray, no clear cut, absolute way to determine if a person as a behavior disorder.
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Mind becomes formulated around guilt and self blame, she said. Was entirely convinced that I had done something to deserve this and that I was going to hell. Alleges she was molested by Rev. When our conscious self is identified with our spiritual self, both economics and service are about abundance and love. This is shown at the top of the triangle, and it's what happens when we learn to see everything in life, including our inner conflicts, as opportunities for learning, upliftment and growth. It's what happens as we find our inner conflicts, and instead of trying to fight, feed or flee them, we learn to love them instead..
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Last year it was Wellesley. This year it's the Bronx. In June 1990, First Lady Barbara Bush unexpectedly found herself in the midst of a great flap when a group of conscience raising Wellesley students protested her selection as a role model commencement speaker because she was merely a "wife of." She pressed on and got a standing ovation from the Wellesley grads with a heartfelt speech about the importance of family and friends, no matter what career one seeks.

A vigilante group was also sent out to rampage and to attack McSween's holdings. Upon killing Tunstall, the gunmen shot his prized bay horse. Tunstall's murder enraged Henry and his friends. First published in 1992 by a specialty house and out of print, it now leaps into the general market. It is mainly a book of photographs. Gallagher, a lifelong serious and successful photographer as well as a stockbroker and businessman, demonstrates here something close to adoration of the high drama of great railroads, especially those in the age of steam, though diesel and electric locomotives figure significantly in the book as well..
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(Recently Elba won a part in the U. S. Version of The Office.). I had a general sense of terror, of being out of control. So I would get out of bed, take a very, very hot bath, as hot as I could stand. Drink some water and try to talk myself down. People who were there for Dylan from the beginning don often speak of these times (if they do, the story is brief and concrete) when recalling the 11 time Grammy winner. Instead they describe man whose mysterious shifts in identity and ambiguous behavior allowed them to relate on an almost metaphysical level. Like the time they spent figuring themselves out was personified by the great musician..
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The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure encourage a short, plain, concise statement of the allegations, without argument. Evidence need not be presented or cited. This sample complaint is much longer and more detailed than the original ideal. Even though the available evidence does not at all validate the most serious concerns voiced about SWFs, it wouldn't be prudent to ignore them. These concerns must be addressed, if only to eliminate the excuses countries might use to adopt protectionist investment policies. Erecting arbitrary barriers to investing by sovereign funds would be counterproductive for the host economies and damaging to the world economy at large..
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"He's not trying to make any waves," said Flinn, who has spoken to him by phone. "He's trying to go up there to learn where things are, learn how the process works. And he loves doing it. I told him he better love doing it because he certainly did win a hard fought fight.".

The Eagles jumped on the Indianapolis last week in the first quarter, but had to settle for a few field goals when touchdowns would have put the Colts in a huge hole. They didn't make that mistake Monday night. Full throttle. The majority of their scoring from the Kings have come from their top two lines eight of their 14 [goals]. The odds are that they're going to continue to have an impact in games going forward."We like [Pavelski] there, we think he's a responsible two way guy, and he has an ability to help out in the faceoff circle against a [Anze] Kopitar or a [Mike] Richards for the most part, so we think that's important."McLellan said Gomez is "doing a lot of the right things for our team right now, and he deserves to be promoted into that spot."Kennedy played in Game 2 of the quarterfinals against the Vancouver Canucks. In the regular season finale April 27."It was good to get my feet wet here and just know what kind of game they play and the style that they play," Kennedy said.
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Lt. Kinney was awarded the Navy Cross for this extended action and the USS Bronstein received a Presidential Unit Citation. Navy ship during World War II.?br>. As members of a self regulating body teachers can assume control over their own professional learning agendas to meet and respond to exacting and challenging standards of practice. To facilitate this ownership, the College is creating a collaboratively designed professional learning framework that will provide a context of coherence and priority within which teachers individually and together can establish their own professional learning plans. Professional learning is understood as a continuum of growth from pre service to retirement based on continuous improvement of practice for the benefit of student learning.

When in fact it's just a green light to allow contamination of food with these untested substances," he said in an interview. Public Interest Research Group.In its guidelines, the FDA recommends but does not require that companies file a report attesting to the harmlessness of any bioengineered protein they intend to test.After reviewing the reports, the FDA will either raise questions about the possible impact on food safety or say it is satisfied. The agency itself will not draw a conclusion.The action does not cover a large supply of genetically modified plants: crops, such as cotton, made to resist insects.
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Nothing was ever a problem. Having the cooks come in every morning and prepare breakfast was divine luxury. But after a few days we desired something other than an American breakfast, Pancakes or Nasi Goreng. Save me from loneliness, depression and insomnia. Save me from financial disaster, sexual disaster. Save me from myself, from incipient alcoholism, if not insanity.

"The waiver program has been absolutely the most spectacular thing for people with dementia, especially in rural areas, because there aren't the day cares, there aren't the other resources for them," said Sara Willis, a social worker with Tennova's Geriatric Assessment Program (GAP). "It's huge, and our families are using it. They have the respite they need to at least keep their head above water and cope.

Lugging my gear around, I have the usual divers curse of can they make this stuff lighter it a non question. If your cylinders were lighter, you would need more lead on your belt. Still, the words muttered into the early morning air make me feel a little better as I heft my twinset onto my back and I swear I can feel my vertebra being ground to a powder..
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The agency heads also received instructions from Linda J. Yelmini, the director of labor relations at the governor's budget office and one of the most knowledgeable state officials on labor issues. Yelmini has been working on the ongoing talks with the unions that have been headed by chief negotiator Mark Ojakian, a longtime aide to then state comptroller Nancy Wyman.

When you go to park your bike, there nothing to attach it to, she said. I think if businesses can put a small bike rack out front, it really encouraging. People can bring their bikes and they feel more comfortable knowing it safe leaving it out front.

The students were offered a prize either a small check for the next day or a larger check at some later date.The men made perfectly rational decisions, opting for the delayed larger amount after viewing the average looking women. You know where this is going. (Women, by the way, were rational no matter what.) That men are at a disadvantage when attractive women are present is a fact upon which women have banked for centuries.
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